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Probably my first official search terms
29 November, 2007, 3:05 pm
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Turns out that this post may well just have been the missus trying to find my blog. She’s obviously not aware of the bookmark/favourites list on modern browsers and has since used the terms “grumpy”, “man” and “blog” to find my blog on two separate occasions. On a brighter note, my blog was found using the search terms “school”, “staff”, “room” and “seat” yesterday. My readership obviously enjoy a high octane lifestyle.


Chicks I have known, Part 1 – The Psycho/Neurotic a.k.a The Bunny Boiler
28 November, 2007, 11:03 pm
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bunny-boiler-small.jpgThe Bunny Boiler comes in all shapes, sizes and personalities, making this the most dangerous chick of all and an apt one to start with. You will find the bunny boiler everywhere, infiltrated into society as the girl next door. Your family will love her, your friends will enjoy her company, she could well be The One. In much the same way as tiger cubs and baby monkeys can live happily together in the early months of development at a zoo, she will be your best friend, life could get no better. Unfortunately, the relationship is doomed from the start. The tiger and monkey in the zoo need to be separated before their natural instincts kick in. No such mercy for the innocent cowboy though, with time the bunny boiler will rip him apart.

Her instinct is to control and share with no one. It starts with simple restrictions: she won’t go and see the latest action thriller in the cinema but you’ll be expected to sit through 2 hours of a chick flick that you could have sworn you’d just seen last week. She will question the speed of your response to her text messages, and wonder why you don’t put a little “x” at the end of them. At this point the more astute cowboy will bail but all too often the bunny boiler has gone for the ranch hand, the weakest in the pack – his fate is sealed.

In a divide and conquer strategy, his family’s acceptance of her will be questioned. Nights out with the lads will increasingly be used as examples of how he doesn’t like her as much anymore “Am I not good enough for you?”, “Do you not enjoy going out with me?”, “Do you not love me?”.

Leave the relationship now and you’ll need to change your phone number and the addresses of your nearest and dearest. She will spread rumours and lies about you to her girlfriends, and will intimidate any girl you date. Stay in the relationship and you’ll be battered down until no semblance of your personality remains.

The saddest thing of all is that cowboys caught in the bunny boilers trap think that they need her. Buckaroos Busted put it best when they sang:

She’s my psycho girl
My living nightmare
She’s everything I need
But I can’t stand her

Your only escape is to avoid.

Chicks I have known
27 November, 2007, 12:03 pm
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This is a post in response to a series of posts by Lilytodd. I can’t for one minute suggest that I will be able to write with such passion on the topic, but I can at least provide an alternative view.

Lilytodd suggests that there are 4 categories of cowboys that she has known in the world: The Poet, The Worship Leader/Rock Star, The Pretty Boy and The Theologian. I’m putting forward 4 categories of chicks that I have known: The Flirt, The Psycho/Neurotic, The Model and The Bore.

As with each of Lilytodd’s categories of man, each category of woman provides its own complexities, attractions and frustrations. Over my next few posts I shall take a closer look at each category, giving a balanced viewpoint with absolutely no bitterness or hate.

Caught my first search term yesterday.
23 November, 2007, 8:20 am
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It’s happened, I got my first search engine referral yesterday, not surprisingly it was the word grumpy, or in America grumpy. It’s a landmark for any blog I feel when it is found through the use of a simple search engine and not just because you know the blogger through the friend of a friend of a friend. Long may it continue.

For every 1000 ideas, 1 is bound to be good!
22 November, 2007, 8:20 am
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Qmonkey, a regular* reader of my blog, wrote an interesting post a while back about Facebook. He states that while he doesn’t actually enjoy using Facebook as much now, he does does use it to send messages to his mates, instead of email. He seems to think that Facebook will become the new email. I will actively be campaigning for this NOT to happen.

In my place of work I am not allowed to access Facebook, I think this is the case for many offices. There is nothing more annoying than receiving an email with the subject: A.N.Other sent you a message on Facebook. For me this means an “agonising” wait for me to get home until I can read it. The use of Facebook for email would also require me to either allow everyone who wants to send me an email to be my friend on Facebook, or I’d have to start checking Facebook and my email everyday.

I can see Qmonkey’s point when it comes to spam and stuff, but unfortunately you couldn’t rely on Facebook alone. One interesting idea would be if you could set up a folder in your email that messages from Facebook automatically got sent to, it would have to be the actual message though and not just an email saying you’ve got a message. It would be the opposite of a junk folder I guess. Of course, I can already do this sort of thing on my Macbook using smart folders and inboxes in Mail. I can set up a folder where emails from anyone who is in my address book get sent.

Keep thinking Qmonkey, one day you’ll hit that big idea one day, and when you do I’ll be the first to congratulate you!

*for “a regular”, read the only

My personal data has been compromised!
21 November, 2007, 8:10 am
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So, it appears that the government, or more accurately HM Revenue and Customs, has lost some data about a few people in the country. It’s actually more than just a few, reports suggest that it’s information on 25 million people, or just over 7 million bank accounts. Information such as names, addresses, ages, children’s names, partner’s names, bank account numbers and national insurance numbers have all gone missing.

While it’s obviously a fairly large error, and undoubtedly there are quesions that need asked, I do feel that people and in a particular, the media, are over reacting. Opposition MPs are questioning whether Alistair Darling is “up to the job”. I’d suggest that we’ll find that out now. Alistair Darling can’t be held responsible for the data going missing – even if the buck does stop there. What he can be held responsible for is how he deals with the situation now, that’s what will show if he’s up to the job.

As for people being able to access my bank account, I’m thinking it’s probably as safe now as it was before. I bank online, so I’ve got a password, and various other pieces of information that would be required to access my account. As long as my bank follows it’s code of practice and doesn’t let anyone access my account without my password, we’re fine and dandy. I noticed that someone was on Radio 4 yesterday saying that their account had been cleared using this missing information. Actually, it wasn’t. It was cleared because the bank in question, the Alliance and Leicester, didn’t force the person on the phone to use the correct password. No matter what other information someone knows, you should always need the password.

It is terrible that this has happened, it needs to be looked at and systems need to be put in place to stop it happening again, but how much of this data was already available to people? I’m thinking quite a lot. How many letters do the Royal Mail loose a day and how many of them are bank statements or letters with other financial information? How much information is passed/sold from business to business. And how much information do call centre or backroom staff have access to about me?

What annoys me about this is the irresponsible manner in which the media is reporting on it. Instead of using this as a good opportunity to deal with the whole issue of data security, providing advice and information to people, they are as usual trying to whip up a frenzy of fear.

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“Remove bad teachers”
12 November, 2007, 1:05 pm
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Sir Cyril Taylor has suggested that bad teachers should be removed from schools.

“Remove bad teachers, says adviser” from the BBC News Website

I’m not sure how I feel about this, I’m not saying teachers should be exempt from discipline or sacking but I also feel there are a number of reasons why some teachers are not working at their best. Here are a few quickly thought up ideas, I’ll put more thought into them in a further post perhaps.

  1. Giving teachers and schools the means to truely discipline disruptive pupils would help. I’m not suggesting corporal punishment, just effective punishment.
  2. Holding parents more responsible for pupil behaviour in class might also help.
  3. Finally, stop adding to teacher’s workloads by making them teach every new initiative that the government dreams up. Some of these initiatives are worthwhile but they are squeezed into an already overloaded curriculum without anything being taken out to free up time.

I’m not finished on this one …