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Chicks I have known by The Grumpy Man
27 November, 2007, 12:03 pm
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This is a post in response to a series of posts by Lilytodd. I can’t for one minute suggest that I will be able to write with such passion on the topic, but I can at least provide an alternative view.

Lilytodd suggests that there are 4 categories of cowboys that she has known in the world: The Poet, The Worship Leader/Rock Star, The Pretty Boy and The Theologian. I’m putting forward 4 categories of chicks that I have known: The Flirt, The Psycho/Neurotic, The Model and The Bore.

As with each of Lilytodd’s categories of man, each category of woman provides its own complexities, attractions and frustrations. Over my next few posts I shall take a closer look at each category, giving a balanced viewpoint with absolutely no bitterness or hate.


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T-10,9,8,7 …. until your mrs asks…. so, which one am i then? and you say… ummmmm….

Comment by qmonkey

My immediate response would be The Model, but then I’d have to rethink what I’m going to write about that one – it would certainly be a more positive spin on the category. It’s either that or I add a new category.

Comment by The Grumpy Man

add a 5th category….. the wife

Comment by qmonkey

hey guys, I was surprised I was getting anyway with my one sided slabbering for so long. Vox considered taking me on but I’ve lost him somewhere in a land called ‘Mac’..’the lovable tech geek’ should be a category all in itself.

I am stalling posting my category of ‘Rock star’, not really sure where I’m going with that one, for the same reasons you’re struggling with ‘The Model.’ But I’ve started so I’ll have to finish…its all about the spin!

Comment by lilytodd

Vox here, category busting blogmeister Mac theologian, poet/rock star, pretty (chubby) boy.

I’m looking forward to the series Grumpyman.

Comment by voxo

Grumpy Man… your audience awaits you. I’ve been checking all day for the next installment. Yes, I know I should get on with my housework, but I can’t wait to see you walk the tightrope.

Comment by lilytodd

I’ve had a number 2, 3, and 4. All of them interesting in their own way. Now I have a number five, which hasn’t been added yet…

Comment by Daymon Balser

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