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For every 1000 ideas, 1 is bound to be good! by The Grumpy Man
22 November, 2007, 8:20 am
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Qmonkey, a regular* reader of my blog, wrote an interesting post a while back about Facebook. He states that while he doesn’t actually enjoy using Facebook as much now, he does does use it to send messages to his mates, instead of email. He seems to think that Facebook will become the new email. I will actively be campaigning for this NOT to happen.

In my place of work I am not allowed to access Facebook, I think this is the case for many offices. There is nothing more annoying than receiving an email with the subject: A.N.Other sent you a message on Facebook. For me this means an “agonising” wait for me to get home until I can read it. The use of Facebook for email would also require me to either allow everyone who wants to send me an email to be my friend on Facebook, or I’d have to start checking Facebook and my email everyday.

I can see Qmonkey’s point when it comes to spam and stuff, but unfortunately you couldn’t rely on Facebook alone. One interesting idea would be if you could set up a folder in your email that messages from Facebook automatically got sent to, it would have to be the actual message though and not just an email saying you’ve got a message. It would be the opposite of a junk folder I guess. Of course, I can already do this sort of thing on my Macbook using smart folders and inboxes in Mail. I can set up a folder where emails from anyone who is in my address book get sent.

Keep thinking Qmonkey, one day you’ll hit that big idea one day, and when you do I’ll be the first to congratulate you!

*for “a regular”, read the only


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first of all… i hope you’re not saying ‘smart folders’ are a mac thing πŸ™‚ i’ve been doing in outlook for about 10 years!

anyway… you make a good point… maybe it would replace email.. but it could become the messaging format to communicate with your ‘friends’ as you say only your friends can message you in FB so spam won’t happen.

I hear the ‘facebook gets blocked’ issue though. It’s valid

Comment by qmonkey

I was very careful not to use this post as a “look what macs can do” – macs do do it better though πŸ˜‰

Comment by The Grumpy Man

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